Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thick as Ticks

Flying Eagle Preserve trail
Once loaded and off the rails, so to speak, we headed for our first "shakedown" ride. I had planned to ride in a county park noted for its "wilderness" trails, The Flying Eagle Preserve near Inverness. We got their, made some adjustments to the bikes and hit the trail. At first it seemed quite nice although the trail bed consisted mainly of pebbles. However, once we left the forested part of the Preserve the trail bed got worse and the trail ride got much hotter. After about 6 miles, we called it quits. Or we thought we did.

Unhappily the trail experience lived on as we noted ticks and insect bites throughout the rest of the day, this despite the liberal (if I may use that word) use of insect repellent. I seemed to have gotten the worst of it. I itched like crazy for three days.

We decided to layup at the B&B for a while and regroup. I don't know how to describe our B&B fully. It started life as a hunting lodge on an island. Several features suggest that in its time, it was a real knockout. But it is somewhat faded now. The current owner offers B&B services as well as event hosting. It was pleasant enough but the six small furry dogs felt like overkill to me.
Lake Lodge

Before dinner we walked through a park and saw our first Florida fauna and flora. Fabulous. We also saw that mainstay of Florida sporting life, the shuffleboard arena.

After a nice dinner, we read for a while then to sleep in bed that did not move.

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