Saturday, May 7, 2016

Load 'em up!

Here we go, on the road again!  This time we head south to explore a region pretty much unknown to us. The first step of our trip presented some challenges. We planned to take the Amtrak Auto Train from Lorton, VA, to Florida, thus saving the experience of driving I-95 yet again.

However, Amtrak rules (and the reality of the transporter design) prohibit the use of roof top bike carriers. After due consideration, I concluded that I could fit both bikes in the car if I took some steps; specifically, removing the pedals, extracting the handlebar and lashing it to the top tube, removing the seat and front wheel. Once done, I could get both bikes inside the relatively small cargo space in the car. However much luggage space remained, it had to be enough. 

After much triage, we did fit enough equipment to survive a month on the road including hiking and biking equipment. 

That done, we headed for the terminal at Lorton after an overnight stop at Woodbridge VA. We are so ready for this trip...

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